Let’s Get CIPPed

Below is a step by step guide to get you started registering yourself with the Mendocino Football Rugby Club.

Step #1

In a separate window or tab go to USA Rugby.org
Note: The above link should automatically do it for you.

Step #2

Put your mouse over “Member Resources” without clicking it

number 1

You should see a drop down menu show up.

Step #3

In the menu you should see “Individual Registration”

Click on that.

number 2 click here

Step #4

This is where it can get a bit tricky!

During the course of the past year USA Rugby went to a new online system. So if you made an account last year you will need to create a new account this year with your old info.

To start that process click the “Request a login account” button.
The process should be pretty clear after clicking the button.

number 3 request login

If this is your first year with USA Rugby, you will need to click “Join USA Rugby”
Follow this link and fill out the forms making sure to specify Mendocino Football Rugby Club when asked which club.

Number 5 new join usa rugby

Note: The total cost of registration should be $55. If you paid more or less you may have made a mistake.

If you have any problems after that I would be happy to help you!

You can email me justushawks@gmail.comĀ or ask me about it at practice.

See you on the pitch!